"Our Doctors & Staff Humbly Appreciate Your Feedback. Thank YOU"

"Loving, caring staff! Cheapest prices around."
-Oct 2017 (Tiger T. Google Review)

"This place is blessed with good hearted people the vet is awesome and staff is great they truly love the animals."
-Oct 2017 (Candy S. Google Review)

"I was very happy with Dr Johnston. Missy liked her also"
-Oct 20th 2017 (Barbara S. Square Review)

"I am forever grateful to Rescue adoption Mobile Clinic. Tremendously help Angus with dental issues. Prompt response and procedure done was pretty good. The vets are very nice and caring and always think of the pets! Price was so affordable too!

Very happy with the services, the friendly and caring vets, timely responses and very affordable charges! I couldn't thank more than enough for all the great things they have been doing from rescuing animals to providing great affordable services!"
-Oct 12th 2017 (Nelly S. Square Review)

"The price of services is a huge help in taking care of my rescued dog. It was a long wait to be seen today, but Vet was very kind . Very pleasant staff."
-Oct 10th 2017 (Deborah H. Square Review)

"If it wasn't for you I would not be able to take care of my pets I appreciate you so much."
-Oct 19th 2017 (Lisa H. Square Review)

"Great staff! Very pleasant and welcoming upon and during our visit. Thank you."
-Oct 24th 2017 (Sharron M. Square Review)

"When my dogs or cat are sick I appreciate the kindness everyone shows them. A big "thank you" for your help."
-Oct 27th 2017 (Kay B. Square Review)

"A loving caring place for dogs."
-Oct 25th 2017 (Brunhilda N. Square Review)

"They are awesome people very friendly vets thank you so much"
-Oct 13th 2017 (Margaret C. Square Review)

"Truly appreciate their service to our community."
-Oct 13th 2017 (Square Review)

"Everyone was so helpful and caring. Your fees are so affordable for all the annual shots my new rescue needed. Thank you..."
-Oct 13th 2017 (Square Review)

"Great place great people doing a remarkable job loving caring environment"
-Oct 10th 2017 (Square Review)

"This is not only an adoption place, they also have a vet clinic at this location. I was looking for a vet for my dog that would not charge me an arm and a leg, and I found this place. Their prices are very affordable. The downside though is that you cannot make an appointment and the wait can be very long."
-Sep 2017 (Alex C. Google Review)

"We rescued a 5-6 week old little kitty after hurricane Irma..i had other cats and wanted him checked out ASAP ..so lucky for me there was a vet clinic the next day we had never been here...what a nice surprise ...such wonderful people ..they were caring and professional..Thank you so much"
-Sep 2017 (Callie A. Google Review)

"Love love love the staff!"
-Aug 31st 2017 (Lori B. Square Review)

"The owner, vet and volunteers have a heart of gold. Sadly, my dads cat was ill and dying. They made an awful situation for him a positive experience with their kindness and compassion. They do it for no other reason but because they love animals and want to give their love and time without compensation or thought of themselves. Truly a bunch of wonderful people and we are so grateful that they volunteered to help us"
-Aug 2017 (Colleen D. Google Review)

"Very caring and a great help with a difficult time. I love the fact they are going to help get the fur babies the care they need as well has a loving home with the a family who has the money to take care of them proporlly and keep them as healtheyy as they can be. Thank you for all you do."
-Aug  2017 (Ashley C. Google Review)

"The staff is very friendly. Even though the wait was long, once I saw the vet, I did not feel rushed and my questions were addressed."
-Jul 23th 2017 (Square Review)

"Helping older people with there beloved pets at prices that are more affordable to us on low income"
-Aug 21st 2017 (Michelle J. Square Review)

"The people and assistants are great and the vet is awesome the prices are unbelievably low. Thank you so much for the great care you take off my animals."
-Jul 24th 2017 (Dan M. Square Review)

"My 10y/o doggy had dental surgery with Rescue Adoption Inc. I was so incredibly impressed with how we were treated by the staff. Everyone was very friendly and understanding. It is clear how much they really care. My doggy's operation went very well. He is now completely healed, and we could not be happier. The prices were extremely affordable, especially for the quality of service provided. Thank you so much!"
-Aug 2017 (Leidy K. Google Review)

"Great people very caring"
-Jul 20th 2017 (Elissa C. Square Review)

"Treated with kindness and understanding..."
-Jul 20th 2017 (Katherine R. Square Review)

"I was very pleased with the whole experience. Everyone was very nice and friendly."
-Jul 16th 2017 (Judith B. Square Review)

"All of the staff is incredibly kind and very patient. They get busy right away and stay that way for the duration of their operating hours, but that is to be expected when the prices they charge are so affordable. They have an air conditioned waiting room with water for the patients and their parents. Once you are taken back to be seen, your pet is treated quickly, but expertly. The staff is very competent and the vet talks not only to you, but to your pet to calm them. You don't feel rushed and they will take the time to answer any questions you have. The front office has an array of treatments for your animals and the cost is way more affordable than what you'd pay at your vet's office. I'm glad I found Rescue Adoption, and would recommend them to anyone"
-Jul 2017 (Kristen C. Square Review)

"Your staff is so personable and sincere. I have never had another person outside the family my cat Stripes liked and she love the vet and assistant on 7/14/17 at the Ft Pierce mobile clinic. Thank you!!!"
-Jul 14th 2017 (Jodie D. Square Review)

"All are great compassionate emphatic and will not go anywhere else anymore"
-Jul 12th 2017 (Christine C. Square Review)

"This organization is wonderful ? Have and will keep recommending !!!?"
-Jul 12th 2017 (Donna M. Square Review)

"Everyone was so friendly and happy especially the doctor. My dog was nervous and being difficult but they knew exactly how to handle him. Couldn't be more thankful for an amazing program like this!"
-Jul 12th 2017 (Christine C. Square Review)

"Always great with any fur baby I bring"
-Jun 10th 2017 (Christine C. Square Review)

"The Doctor and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I went on a Wednesday close to three o'clock and no one else was there. I had no wait! Another "clinic" quoted me at $185 for vaccinations for my small puppy. Another place said $140, I paid $30 for 2 vaccinations and a microchip! You cannot beat the prices! They are here to help the community and I'm so glad someone told me about them! Awesome service! Thanks very much Rescue Adoption!"
-Jul 2017 (Martisha B. Google Review)

"Some time it is a long wait but sometimes not. But all together I would recomend to everyone. I am proud to say that we can get help for our anima ls when we need it and even the poor can aforde it. Gail Reese. PS. excuse my spelling it went with my youth"
-May 17th 2017 (Lillian R. Square Review)

"Awesome people.... very helpful.. you can tell they love what they do!!!?"
-Apr 28th 2017 (Rae A. Square Review)

"Super nice and patient staff."
-Apr 27th 2017 (Barbara W. Square Review)

"The service is outstanding! Very Happy with the service!!"
-Apr 27th 2017 (Square Review)

"Everyone is friendly and treats you and you pet absolutely wonderful. ??? Thanks, Jamie & Lexus"
-Apr 26th 2017 (Square Review)

"Front desk person very pleasant and polite ,Dr. Very gentle and pleasant and it is a very peaceful environment. and affordable. I will be back. Thank you very much."
-Apr 19th 2017 (Square Review)

"Very compassionate will keep going for services thank you"
-Sat Apr 8th 2017 (Square Review)

"Your organization is a blessing for many animals. The environment was clean and the staff was helpful and friendly. The veterinarian was wonderful he took his time and explained everything. Your organization is a blessing. I would like to thank everyone. Jamie Vogeley"
-Fri Apr 7th 2017 (Square Review)

"The Rescue Center and employees are angels on earth. The Vet. is terrific, so kind to the pets and explained in detail services. So appreciative you offer affordable services so we can keep our pets healthy. Thank you and God Bless."
-Wed Apr 5th 2017 (Square Review)

"Great personal service they really care about the animals, and a very reasonable price."
-Wed Mar 22nd 2017 (Square Review)

"Best Veterinary experience I've had since moving to the East Coast over 6 yrs ago."
-Sat Mar 18th 2017 (Square Review)

"Every one there was amazing. I really liked how you guys really cared for my Fur Babies. The Vet was awesome.
Will definitely tell everyone about this place for sure."

-Sat Mar 18th 2017 (Square Review)

"A veterinarian that is caring, compassionate and with a great sense of humor!!"
-Wed Mar 15th 2017 (Square Review)

"Very pleased overall with friendliness and caring employees. They are great with the animals as well as the owner of the pets."
-Sat Mar 11th 2017 (Square Review)

"Very caring staff"
-Wed Mar 8th 2017 (Square Review)

"Excellent care"
-Wed Mar 1st 2017 (Square Review)

"Wonderful service for people with low income that LOVE their pets. Thank you"
-Wed Feb 22nd 2017 (Square Review)

"My dog developed a huge tumor in his abdomen and when I took him to see my vet the surgery cost was over $1000; someone told me about this clinic and I am so glad I went there. The people were super nice, the surgery was a true success and the cost was much, much less. I definitely recommend them, specially if you can't afford your vet. Thank You."
-Feb 2017 (Mike A. Google Review)

"Great place to take your pet. I'm sooo glad I found this place!!!"
-Wed Feb 8th 2017 (Square Review)

"Extremely nice staff!"
-Sat Feb 4th 2017 (Square Review)

"You're doing a great service to the community. Knowledgeable, friendly and respectful. Bailey knew he was in a caring place.? Appreciate your efforts"
-Wed Jan 18th 2017 (Square Review)

"Great people. Very nice and sweet to my puppy!"

-Wed Jan 11th 2017 (Square Review)

"Everyone's kindness to my dogs and to me was very appreciated"

-Sat Dec 16th 2016 (Square Review)

"All of you took good care of my dog Cree... thank you from the bottom of my heart you are a great organization with good people working there"

-Sat Dec 16th 2016 (Square Review)

"All the people there are so nice and the veterinarian was unbelievable. He was so caring"

-Sat Nov 19th 2016 (Square Review)

"Timeliness was not bad considering it is not by appointment. Staff was very friendly. Dr Monterroso was EXCELLENT. Took his time during exam and answered all questions. Very good experience."
-Sat Nov 5th 2016 (Square Review)

"The staff is wonderful!"
-Sat Nov 5th 2016 (Square Review)

"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff and doctors"

-Sat Oct 29th 2016 (Square Review)

"I cannot thank Rescue Inc enough. I have had some rough time financially and was afraid I might have to give up my furbabies. But, with your all's help with your clinic I have been able to keep them and have them up to date on there shots. Thank you so much for helping me, my pups and all the furbabies out there. God bless you guys for all your hard work."
-Oct 2016 (Tracie S. Google Review)

"Awesome people, being Angels to us and our pets!"

-Sat Sep 17th 2016 (Square Review)

"I love, love, love these people. and what they do. So very, hard to find a vet and staff that actually really care about the animals. We adopted out furr baby from them, after having to put down our 11.5 year old and not only did I get an amazing little pup when went there to get her booster she remembered them and was excited to see them which tells me that she received love while she was there. We received 3 months worth of flea and tick medicine. 7 months worth of heartworm prevention and an exam for less then I would have paid for just the exam at my regular vet. They are courteous and helpful and I will adopt all my babies from them and continue to support these amazing people and what they do."

-Sep 2016 (Square Review)

"Dr. Monterroso was great!"

-Sat Sep 17th 2016 (Square Review)

"Customer service A+
Affordable prices A+
Professionalism A+
God bless you for all you do."

-Sat Sep 17th 2016 (Square Review) Ana O.

"Very kind staff"
-Sat Jul 23th 2016 (Square Review)

“First time,little waiting,but I'm happy with the service...thank you much for taking care animals....❤"
-Sun Jun 5th 2016 (Square Review)

“Very affordable prices, great staff”

-Sun May 8th 2016 (Square Review)

“Very happy! Everyone was so nice!”

-Sun May 8th 2016 (Square Review)

“I'm so grateful to have the rescue as an option for my fur babies. There was a wait, but for all that they do for the pups in the community and the love and care for my pups it was well worth it! I came because I trust the rescue. It's where I adopted my girl, Eve, from a few years ago. Also, weekend days are much more convenient!”

-Sat Apr 23rd 2016 (Square Review)

“You helped my dog and me a lot!. I had work hours cut to one day a week My dog and I did not have lot to live on. You got her shots and nails cut for something like $60.00 My dog is in my home, happy, and very healthy. Thank you!”

-Sun Apr 17th 2016 (Square Review)

“everyone was so nice ! was a pleasure to come here and we will be back !”

-Sun Apr 17th 2016 (Square Review)

“Always a pleasant experience. Everyone is so helpful and friendly.”

-Sun Apr 10th 2016 (Square Review)

“Very impressed with your policies and how well the animals are cared for. The one-on-one time with the animals as well as the staff was priceless.”

-Apr 5th 2016 (Square Review)

“Dagmara is amazing! She went out of her way to bring me my puppy after his neuter, all the way to my work, on her birthday. She's such a sweetheart”

-Mar 29th 2016 (Square Review)

“Friendly and competent staff. There was a bit of a wait (20-30 minutes), but it was well worth it. I have referred several of my friends, and I plan to support the organization in the future. Great experience! Affordable prices!

-Sun Mar 13th 2016 (Square Review)

“Everyone was friendly and the prices are awesome! Thanks for making it easier to take care of our babies!”

-Sun Feb 7th 2016 (Square Review)

“This event was awesome. The Doctor was just wonder along with his assistant. Thank you so much for helping the community. I personally appreciate everyone's time & great caring!”

-Sun Oct 18th 2015 (Square Review)

This place is a wonderful helping hand to our community definitely a must needed service. They are very friendly and we'll go out of their way to help you and your pet. I have two Boston terriers and they treated them very kindly it was not your typical vaccine clinic that treats you like an another number. They definitely care about what they do and making an impact on our community to help our pets. This place is a big help to the people like myself that loves their pets but doesn't have the money to go to a vet office that will charge me and arm and a leg. Thanks again from Bailey Spencer and myself.

                               -Oct 2015 Clinic (Lauren B. Google Review)

“Wonderful staff! Very friendly! The vet and the assistant A+”

-Sat Sept 5th 2015 Clinic (Square Review)

"This place is a wonderful helping hand to our  community definitely a must needed service. They are very friendly and we'll go out of their way to help you and your pet. I have two Boston terriers and they treated them very kindly it was not your typical vaccine clinic that treats you like an another number. They definitely care about what they do and making an impact on our community to help our pets. This place is a big help to the people like myself that loves their pets but doesn't have the money to go to a vet office that will charge me and arm and a leg. Thanks again from Bailey Spencer and myself."

-Sat Sept 5th 2015 Clinic (Google Review)

“Amazing service, absolutely amazing. Thank you!”

-Sat Aug 22nd 2015 Clinic (Square Review)

"We took  our  dogs  to  the  rescue adoption center today for their  rabies  shot  and  flee  prevention. I was  very  impressed  of the love and care  that  these  people show  the animals. It was  such  a nice  experience  we were  not  in line an hour like we had  been at  other  low cost  vet clinics, the staff was  great  with the animals  they  did not  try to  get you to do more services then you wanted and the  flee  prevention was  much less expensive than at  other places  We  will  be visiting them again, and if  ever we are looking for a new pet  we will be looking there first"

-Sat Aug 22nd 2015 Clinic (Facebook Review)

“Our dog had a bad skin condition and the regular vet was unfortunately too expensive for us; thank you so much for giving us an option and allowing us to keep our baby in good health”

-Sat Jul 25th 2015 Clinic (Square Review)

 “You can see how much all the staff love animals”

-Sat July 11th 2015 Clinic (Square Review)

“Having shade, water for humans and pets, while waiting was

great. The price was very reasonable. Thank you.”

-Sat June 27th 2015 Clinic (Square Review)