"Low Cost Prevention is Worth Hundreds of Cure and A Lifetime of Happiness"



Services Provided:

*Wellness Check (Doctor Consultation) is always Required for each pet

- Rabies Vaccines ($15)

- Bordetella Vaccine($15)

- DAPPV Vaccine ($15)

- Leptospirosis Vaccine ($20)

- Feline Core Vaccine -FRCP ($15)

- Feline Leukemia Vaccine ($20)

- Heartworm Test ($10)

- Fecal Test ($20) *must bring a sample

- Skin Cytology ($20+)

- Dog & Cat Microchipping ($20)

- General Deworming ($10 +)

- 30 Day Flea Prevention pill ($10 +)

- 30 Day Flea/Tick prevention pill ($20)

- Topical Flea/Tick prevention's for Dogs & Cats

- Doctor Consultation of healthy pets ($15)*

- Doctor Consultation of sick pets or any other issues   ($20)*

*Wellness Check (Doctor Consultation) is always Required for each pet


*All Services Provided By a State of Florida Licensed Veterinarian

*Additional Medications/Procedures & additional Microchip manufacturer registration are Not Included in Advertised Pricing

*Wellness check may vary for dogs needing additional services other than vaccines, additional prescriptions and/or services

All Dogs Must be in a Leash and Cats Inside a Carrier

Clinic Times & Locations Subject to Change Without Previous Notification or

Until Supplies Last

No Appointment Necessary

For additional information call 


Disclaimer: Thanks to our 501c3 private non-profit status, Rescue Adoption Inc is able to provide the aforementioned low cost veterinary services without the intent to generate a profit; but instead, our goal is to extend our organization's mission statement & founding values, by providing very affordable Spay/Neuter programs and by preventing the unnecessary shelter surrender or euthanasia of a beloved family member due to the financial challenges a pet owner might be currently facing. Thanks to the support of our veterinary staff, volunteers and donors we can provide these much needed services at a low cost and continue to make a positive impact within our communities.